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We'll Listen, Not Lecture

Who Are We

Keele Nightline is a student led service which means it is run by student for students. Our volunteers are trained in active listening, meaning that we'll listen to understand, whatever it is you want to talk about. You can call us about any issue and we will listen. No issue is too big or too small; our volunteers are trained to create a safe and caring environment for all of our callers. Whether it's just been one of those days, or you're in a crisis, we're here for you.

Nightline's Principles

When you contact one of our volunteers, be that by phone, email or through our online chat, your call will be treated with total anonymity and without judgement. All our callers are treated equally in keeping with our five key principles:.

  • Confidentiality

    Whatever you want to talk about, we will keep it confidential unless you explicitly ask us to pass on your information to a another party. Click here to read our Confidentiality and Commitment Policy.

  • Anonymity

    We're absolutely anonymous, both caller and volunteer so you can talk to us freely and impartially.

  • Non-Advisory

    We can provide you with information about local and national organisations; anything from experts to deal with specialist issues, Keele services, or just a taxi or take-away number, but we can't advise you on what to do.

  • Non-Judgemental

    We're here to listen, not to judge. We will not exclude or judge you for any opinions, situation, actions, or beliefs held or expressed.

  • Non-Directive

    The call belongs to you, we will explore your situation with you and respect your right to make your own decisions.

Our History

Keele Nightline was formed in the 1980's when the idea of the student-led listening service propagated through the UK, starting from Essex University Nightline in 1970. During the 1970s, prior to Keele's Nightline, Keele had a voluntary drop-in listening service called Contact. Contact was primarily a walk-in service operating throughout the night and provided a strong foundation for the Nightline service allowing new volunteer's to build on the knowledge that had been aquired.